I first saw these football field cookies on Munchkin Munchies' blog, and I knew they would be perfect for Super Bowl Sunday this year.

The crowd was made by flooding a section on each side with white royal icing, then pouring the rainbow sprinkles over and gently shaking off the excess - kind of like a glitter and glue project!  The field is flooded a few hours later after the "crowd" has dried."  All other detail work had to be completed when the whole cookie was dry.

There are versions of the alternate field/crowd design with a sideline perspective floating around the web as well, most using the larger nonpareils for the players on the field.  I'm not a fan of the fruity flavor of the larger nonpareils, in fact I think they ruin the taste of the cookies, so I opted to keep it simple and only make those cookies using the special color blend of sprinkles that included Seahawks colors of navy and electric green.  I couldn't find a similar mix with Broncos colors, and there was no way I was going to separate out orange and navy from the rainbow mix!

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