Often I find myself squeezing adventures into a short amount of time for several reasons, but primarily because I'm a normal person who has to work to make money for all these adventures and I'm limited by my vacation day allowance.  Sound familiar?  I decided to start a collection of my 24 hour trips so that you can see how it can all be done, especially if you're under a time crunch.  You may not have as much time to relax and have a multi-course sit down meal or overindulge in the local tasty alcoholic beverage, but you can eat and drink anywhere, right?  You can't see amazing historical sites anywhere, that's for sure!  Click on the links below the photos that interest you! I'll keep adding to the list when I can.

Happy exploration!

North America:


London, England (Photography Tour Only)

Oslo, Norway

Lisbon, Portugal

Sintra, Portugal

Porto, Portugal