What I love about the United States is that I really don't think of it as one big country but 50 small countries.  I've been lucky enough to have visited 45 of those 50 "countries," including the two hard to reach places - Alaska and Hawaii.  I have also driven across the U.S. several times, traversing on I-90, I-80, and I-70 plus most of I-40.  Oh, and Route 66 - from east to west!  There is something magical about my long road trip recipe - get a TripTik and state books from AAA and force the passenger to read everything there is to know about the state, once we're approaching a border, and upcoming highlighted towns.  Our road trips were made so much more interesting because we discovered random points of interest, including: various Oregon Trail stops, the site of Custer's Last Stand, Pompeys Pillar where William Clark (of Lewis and Clark) etched his name into the stone, the Field of Dreams, Arches National Park, Lincoln's boyhood home, Butte Copper Mine, Mount Rushmore, etc.

Here is a list of posts I've created on my recent U.S. travel, which I expect to grow greatly as I continue to write:

States I haven't been to yet:  Arkansas, Alabama, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Mississippi