I've driven an IndyCar and a NASCAR.  I've spent a half day learning how to drive a rally car. I'm a fiercely competitive go-karter whenever I can find the time.  So it was a no brainer when I found the Vegas Off-Road Experience (VORE) website.  I mean, of course the next logical step was to drive a race-ready truck over jumps on a dirt short course!  Right?? Yes, while in Vegas I could have gone to Las Vegas Motorspeedway and taken laps in some exotic cars, but I hesitate to do that because as ridiculous as this sounds, I feel like exotics (e.g. Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.) are too accessible - as in I could walk into a dealership and, theoretically, get one should temptation get the best of me. Whereas racing cars, or trucks in this case, are fun for a day and very easy to leave behind.  I was fortunate that I was the only person in my session, so I was able to convince my spotter to take tons of photos of my jumps.  It only took me a lap or two before I was gunning it up those hills to catch as much air as possible!  Yea! There's even a video because I remembered to take my GoPro (that I never use) out of the storage box.  Warning, the video gets quite boring very quickly, since it's basically 10 laps of engine noise, most of laps with me figuring out the timing of taking my foot off the gas so as to not rev the engine while airborne.