I always love to try new things, and if they are fantastic experiences, I enjoy sharing what I learned by either getting others to do it as well or by recounting the story over meals or drinks with friends.  Here is a list of really interesting things I've tried lately, followed by my to-do list (which will obviously be future posts)....


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My Remaining To-Do List....so far!!!

Past amazing experiences that have inspired me to continue being adventurous (no associated posts):
  • Touring the West Wing of the White House
  • Riding in a sled at the Iditerod
  • Snowmobiling in Kenai Penninsula, Alaska
  • Ice climbing on a glacier in Iceland
  • SCUBA diving around the world
    • Great Barrier Reef, Austrailia (Cairns)
    • Palau Redang, Malaysia
    • Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
    • Hawaii (Oahu)
    • Northern Bali, Indonesia
    • Grand Cayman
    • Disneyworld Living Seas
  • ATVing in the sand dunes of the Southern Oregon Coast
  • Traveling to see grand slam tennis tournaments: Wimbledon and French Open, so far
  • Studying abroad for a summer and living with a host family in Southern France