Improv Everywhere is a NYC based group that organizes large crowd scenes and pranks in public places of large cities.  They have a touring movement called the MP3 Experiment that made its way to Washington D.C. today, November 30th.  When I found out about it, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to experience this for myself. 

First, you had to read through the instructions.  The main requirements were to: (1) download an MP3 track, but try your best not to listen to it before the start time; (2) wear a top or jacket that is either red, yellow, green, or blue; and (3) bring a bottle of bubbles.  Exactly at noon, outside the Smithsonian Natural History Museum on the National Mall, we were told to gather and press play on our smartphones or MP3 players.  From that point on, we received about 37 minutes of instructions that included lining up behind a non-participant and walking behind him/her, a human version of twister, freeze tag, dance party, simon says, grass observation, square dancing, mute button game, and - of course - bubble blowing.  It was really fun how everyone just said "yes and" to everything - so much positivity and agreement...and smiles!  From an improv technique standpoint, it was very energizing!  And then, the looks and smiles we got from the people on the side who had no clue what was going on were priceless!

Waiting for the noon start time
Follow and mimic an unsuspecting non-participant

Square Dance Time!

Grass Observation Time

Dance Party!

Dance Down Low

Point to the Capitol

Human Twister

More Grass Time

Confused but highly entertained observers