Yep, it's turkey lurkey time!  I saw these peanut butter cup turkey cookies on Bake at 350's blog last week and knew I had to make them!  They could not be easier.  Just make use of your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe for the cookies.  I made mine a little larger than normal (dough ball was maybe 2" in diameter before being smushed flat) to accommodate the peanut butter cup size.  Her blog calls for peanut butter frosting, but that seemed like overkill to me.  Instead, I just got a few cans of cake frosting from the store, on sale because of the holiday next week - hooray, and used my Americolor gels to make the red, orange, and yellow frosting.

Putting the frosting in piping bags with star tips to start, I glued on the peanut butter cup body, then made the feathers around it.  White chocolate chips, pressed upside down into the peanut butter cup, make great eyeballs, with an edible black pen to make the dot.  Switching out the piping bag tips on the red and orange bags (a little messy, but convenient), I then made a beak and a snood (yes, that's what that red thing is called that hangs from the base of the beak!  I always thought it was called a gobbler!).