This idea was inspired by The Bearfoot Baker's Chevron Turkeys.  I loved the layered cookie look, with the modified daisy cutter as the feathers and an upside down acorn cutter for the face.
I couldn't find a daisy cutter at my local store, so I adapted with a paw print cutter instead.  I also opted not to commit to a stencil design, not knowing if I would ever use it again.  Instead, I was happy doing the design by hand with a toothpick, dragged through some dots of royal icing before the flooded feather area hardened.  

The whole process spanned over two days because of the drying time for the feathers and the many different pieces and colors to the faces.  Plus making the cookies themselves! These are my favorite turkeys of the bunch because they ended up having such personalities:
This one looks like the yellow turkey is saying "Pick HIM!" and the orange turkey says "WHAT!!!"

I feel like this turkey looks like he's standing on a stage telling jokes, "And then a turkey walked into a bar..,"
This turkey looks like he's about to wet himself! 
This turkey looks like a tough guy....and for some reason also reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield.