If you're into photography and have not heard of Antelope Canyon, specifically Lower Antelope Canyon, get online and book a flight right now.  Located just outside Page, Arizona on Navajo lands, you will get amazing colors from these random slot canyons.  I went to Lower Antelope Canyon only because it is less crowded.  If you can show that you have a DSLR camera and a tripod, you can skip the tour and pay $36 for a 2-hour photography pass.  When you come out, if you need more time, you may be able to pay again and get an additional 2 hours.  When you're in the slot canyon, be sure to look up, look behind you, look for interesting focal points, etc.  On a sunny day, you are guaranteed some amazing color.  If you want to check out Upper Antelope Canyon, that is by tour only.  And the famous beams of light tend to be best in the summer months.

When in Arizona, you have to visit the Grand Canyon.  My visit was extremely short, due to time constraints, but it was enough to scope out some of the viewpoints and get some sunset shots. Unfortunately, the red shuttle route was closed for controlled burning, so the best sunset spots were not an option.  I ended up at Mather Point, but didn't like it and moved on to Yavapai Point for this sunset shot below.  While at the other viewpoints, I took panoramas on my phone for reference.  After having been in Zion, I found the Grand Canyon to be a little underwhelming.  Don't get me wrong, the vastness of the scenes and the heights are out of this world, and this is just the South Rim, but I just enjoyed the sandstone in Utah a little more, plus the great foliage.

Lipan Point

Morah Point

Grandview Point

Mather Point