Last weekend, I was out in Eastern Washington on the Idaho border in a landscape photographer's paradise.  Collectively, the area is called the Palouse region, and is about a 5 hour drive from Seattle or an hour drive south of Spokane.  I know, not exactly a location you would expect to be mobbed in the late spring/early summer season by photography enthusiasts, but trust me it is gorgeous.

This is the only place in the world that has these perfect rolling hills planted with wheat, barley, garbanzo beans, and other legumes that, when hit by dancing light at different times of the day from the puffy clouds blocking the sun, generate unreal natural colors - purples, golds, and all shades of green.  We, unfortunately, did not have the greatest luck with said puffy clouds, often getting overcast or mostly cloudy skies, but I think we were still able to get some gorgeous shots.

Based out of Colfax, Washington, our shooting schedule was crazy.  We were up at 3:30am in order to leave at 4:00 for potential sunrise shots (successful only one of the three days), got back at 6:00 for breakfast, napped until noon, then went back out to shoot from 2:00 to sunset.  And, of course, we would stay up late processing our photos from the day, so my sleep schedule got way out of whack! 

In this post, I'm going to focus on the rolling landscape; and in my next post, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite scenes of buildings and other items of interest.  Hope you like them!