This month, I returned to Georgetown's Blush 'N Brush not once, but two times!!  The first was to do a painting class that featured cherry blossoms with my friend, who was looking for a class with less straight lines than the one she took before.  Branches and petals were perfect for that!

And when I saw there was a Paint Your Pet class on the calendar, I did not hesitate to sign up!  This is the first time this class has been offered.  We sent photos of our pets to the shop two weeks before the class, so that the instructor had time to sketch the animal image on the canvas.  I chose this one!

I had no idea what I would see when I arrived at the studio.  Nor did I have any confidence that I knew the remotest thing about painting something on my own with very little instruction. When I got to class, I was given my canvas of Webster.  It was so cute!  He captured all of Webster's best features.

We received very basic instructions to first paint the background, close to the sketch outline, then start to color block the lower layers and build up from there.

The instructors wandered the floor, but you were pretty much on your own.  The hardest part was doing the detail work, the little tiny hairs around the nose and ears, the whites of the eyes, and the famous Webster long eyelashes.  But, I think I did it!  I couldn't stop smiling as I was drying it with the hairdryer, I was so proud of what I accomplished!!  I think I've finally got the hang of this painting thing now!