My recent trip to New Orleans not only allowed me to enjoy the excitement and music of the French Quarter Festival but to watch an artist paint during one of her scheduled live expositions at a gallery.

Little Girl Admires Art in Process
I've been fascinated by Isabelle Dupuy for the past year since I first saw her work at Sutton Galleries, on Royal Street, during my last visit to New Orleans.  She has a tremendous talent for combining acrylic colors on canvas to create beautiful landscapes.  And I fell in love with her texture techniques, especially her eye catching poppies.   

While I loved her work, the price tag of art, in general, has always been a real deterrent for me.  However, I thought about it for a year and realized that having something from her collection would be a really welcome addition to my home; plus, it was time for me to finally graduate from posters, prints, and giclées, or ink prints of original fine art that have been touched up with some painted enhancements to give texture and make it seem less like a reproduction. 

Her poppy paintings are amazing, but I was looking for something large to fill my wall space, and I thought that poppies in that magnitude (30"x60") would not be good fit for my house and its existing decor.  But I couldn't leave the gallery without one sample of her poppy work, so I selected one of her smaller 12" square paintings.  In addition to that piece, I also chose something that better represents me, something that depicts my love of travel:  a city scape of Paris I had been admiring on her website.

My crate arrived this week, at last, with my Paris painting.  One hook and a nail in the wall later, and I am officially an art collector!  I love it!