• Take more time to be cognizant of how I am saving and spending money
  • Become more engaged in the management of my savings and investments
  • Try to clean out closets once each quarter and give to charity
One good thing about moving is that you end up making a lot of trips to Goodwill.  Since the move, I've also done one closet purge, but am probably due for another one soon.  So doing alright with that bullet.  One bad thing about moving is that it's a huge financial burden paying for one-time services that are out of the ordinary, so yes I am more cognizant...of money leaving my accounts!!   

  • Try at least 10 new restaurants
  • Bake something new at least once a month
  • Cook a nice dinner at least once each week
  • Schedule one weekend a month to do something creative with friends
  • Host a dinner party and open house for friends
I definitely have room to grow in this category.  Life has been pretty busy for me these last six months, and while my intentions were fantastic, I'm at a loss for time.  Something to work towards over the next six months.  I did do a major open house party and hosted a recent Sunday brunch, plus I have not been neglecting my crafting with friends, just have not nailed it down precisely to once each month.  So I'm not completely ignoring these bullets.  

  • Read at least one book each month and at least three books on investing
  • Finish Rosetta Stone French and Spanish programs
  • Take time to play piano more and try to find a beginning guitar class
I'm rocking the reading this year, especially with my traveling and long plane flights!  Again, I need to better prioritize my time so that I can work on my language and musical skills.  

  • Become a regular runner again, at least 10 miles per week, to assess marathon potential for 2013
  • Drink more water
I'm getting there on the running!  Yes!  Water....well, I'm reading a book right now that is making me feel really bad about my diet coke obsession, but you need to understand that those cans are my only source of caffeine!  Anyway, I'm trying to consciously make better choices and opt for water or iced tea as substitutes.  Hoping this lasts!

  • Travel to 3 countries, at least one new - potentially Peru (Machu Picchu), Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Belize, England
  • Go on two fun long weekends - potentially Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans, Skiing, Caribbean, Sundance, Austin Formula One race
  • Attend the US Open in NYC
On the international front, I can check off Italy and prepare the red pen to check off England.  Unfortunately, my plans to go to Africa fell through and circumstances forced me to push my Peru and Belize plans to next year.  So I may not get my third and "new" country this year - a first for awhile.  But then again, technically my plane landed in Bali right before midnight on New Years Eve, so maybe that counts?  As for fun long weekends, I can definitely say "DONE!"  And US Open plans are in the works right now.

  • Go to bed early enough to get at least 7 hours of sleep (really tough because I'm a night owl)
Hahaha!  I'm lucky if I get 6!

OK, time to focus now.  One check and several partial checks is not too shabby considering the craziness of the first half of the year.