I took another floral arrangement class from Helen Olivia in Alexandria tonight, and once again I had a blast!  This time the class was all about color...

We reviewed the principles behind various color combinations, including:
  • monochromatic (all tints and shades share same base color) 
  • analogous (use colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel)
  • complementary (colors directly opposite each other on the wheel)
  • triadic (color combinations connected in a perfect triangle)
  • split complementary (two analogous colors and one complementary color, forming a narrow triangle)
  • rectangular (colors linked in a perfect rectangle)
  • square (colors linked in a perfect square)
For tonight's arrangements, we created a monochromatic one out of purples and a triadic one out of orange, purple, and green. The monochromatic arrangement used roses, hydrangea, lisianthus, irises, and a few others, and it was wrapped in a leaf within the vase.

Front view 
Rear view
For the triadic arrangement, we used the large hibiscus again for the blue, lisianthum for the purple, miracle roses and double gerbera daisies for the orange, and mini hydrangea for the green in a cylinder vase filled with oasis.  I chose to wrap the vase in a blue satin to set off the blue against the bright orange.
Look how amazing the arrangement looks next to my bed!!!