I tried out three new cookie recipes this month that I think you should check out!  Just click on the cookie name below the photo to get to the original recipe website.  Enjoy!
Chocolate Chip Biskoff Cookies
If you have not tried the delicious biscoff spread, you don't know what you're missing!  Think of it as spreadable gingerbread cookies.  The Dutch and Belgians often call it speculoos and use it on top of waffles - another use you should definitely try! I got my jar of Biskoff at Wegman's, but I have heard people have found it at World Market and Trader Joe's has their own version of this cookie butter. 
Chocolate peanut butter chip cookies
I don't know why it's taken me so long to make a chocolate peanut butter cookie, especially when I adhere strictly to the chocolate only goes well with nuts, not fruit, taste philosophy.  I will admit that these cookies came out a little chewier than I had hoped, but the flavor combo was still there.
Whenever I go to a training class at work, where they have a catered lunch, the first thing I look for is the ONE cookies and cream cookie on the platter.  Now, I no longer have to wait for my next training class because I can have as many as I want.  This recipe could not be any easier!  It's a must try!