It's January 1st, so what does that mean?  Time to forgive myself for, I would say, accomplishing only 30% of my resolution bullets from this time last year.  Still, some is better than none, right?  In order to better position myself for success this year, I'm going to maybe have to cut the list down or, rather, make them more achievable.  Wish me luck!

  • Be more financially responsible
  • Sell everything on my Craigslist list, rather than just adding to the list
  • Actually use my office for office work, instead of the rest of the house
  • Give two bags of clothes to Goodwill in January
  • Cancel all the ridiculous catalogs that are clogging my mailbox
  • Cook more often
  • Bake something new at least twice every month
  • Take more time getting ready before going out or in the morning, even if I'm working from home
  • Make the unusual usual by finding opportunities to wear things I would normally save for a special occasion on any ol' ordinary day instead
  • Finish Rosetta Stone French program
  • Take time to play piano more
  • Run a minimum of 15 miles per week
  • Drink more water
  • Sleep 7+ hours every night
  • Travel to at least 1 new country, but go abroad 2 or more times
  • Go on at least 2 fun long weekends
  • Take a photo of at least 5 interesting and out of the ordinary places