Happy St. Paddy's Day!  A day filled with gold, rainbows, and lots of beer.  For this month's cupcake of the month, I thought I'd focus on the first two - rainbows and pots of gold.  Using a boxed cake mix in french vanilla (white batter so I could dye it), I prepared the batter per the box instructions then separated the batter into 6 bowls.  I dyed each bowl of batter a different color of the rainbow using the following Americolor Gels:

  • Super Red (120)
  • Orange (113)
  • Lemon Yellow (107)
  • Electric Green (162)
  • Sky Blue (103)
  • Violet (122)
Using a teaspoon, I layered the colors (one spoonful per color) in the cupcake pan liners, then baked the cupcakes as directed.  The decorations were made using a can of whipped cream cheese frosting colored with Electric Green and pots of gold made from melted white Wilton Candy Melts, died with a black and yellow gel and piped into shapes on parchment paper, then refrigerated to harden.  Make sure to make your pots of gold thick enough because they are delicate.  On a similar note, make extra pots of gold because inevitably there will be annoying breakage!