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Happy 2nd anniversary to Learn, Live, and Explore!! (two exclamation points for two years, right?)

I am so thrilled at how many new people have discovered my blog about my life adventures this past year. The numbers are too high to keep thinking it's just my family reading.  In fact, I still can't believe that I've had almost 6 times more views this year than my first year - and there's no way all those numbers can be attributable to my family only.  The best part of this anniversary is that it reminds me that this website is my favorite thing I've ever done.  Why?  Because it makes me get out and do my other favorite things.  So, yes my schedule is much busier now, I'm a happier person as a result.  Thank goodness I excel at planning and organizing, or I would be a mess!

With all that said, I just want to say thank you all for being such great supporters.  It means a lot to think that someone may be inspired by something I've done (i.e. lots of people looking at some of my cupcake designs) or can get ideas for how to spend those vacation days in the best way possible.

Favorite posts from the past year:

By the way, did you know that Learn, Live, and Explore! is on Facebook?  It's the truth!  I sometimes post additional photos over there as well as links to posts from other blogs I really like - mostly travel and baking related.  Just click the "like" button to get my updates in your newsfeed. I'm also trying to do Twitter (@learnliveexplor) but it's a lot of logging in or repeating what you said on multiple social media sites.  I'll try harder next year though to manage it all!

By the way, do you like that felt birthday cake at the top of the post?  Me too!  I've been trying to find out where to buy it or how to make one online.  I found this instructional blog that was close, but not exactly it.