You may have guessed from previous posts that I'm a big fan of Legos.  Thankfully, from a clutter perspective, the majority of my Lego building occurs outside my house -- using the very large inventory of bricks my nephew has collected over the years.  I've limited the Legos in my house to the Mini Cooper, the VW bus, and a Lego version of my house that I designed myself.

Alas, when my mom showed me a website where you can buy instructions for Lego buildings not designed by Lego, I saw the cutest English Pub and had to build it.  It is now residing next door to my house replica, a very convenient place for Lego Me!

The website with the instructions is BrickBuildersPro.  To get all of the bricks you will need for their structures, you will need to find the parts list at the end of the instructions then find quality sellers on Bricklink to start putting together, likely several, orders for the individual bricks, tiles, plates, etc.  I think it took me ordering from five different sellers plus dipping into my nephew's stash to get the over 1800 pieces for the English Pub.

The difference between Lego structures from my youth and Lego structures today are the interiors. The sets you can buy in stores are getting more and more detailed architecturally on the outside and often have clever scenes portrayed in the interior rooms.  I wasn't a huge fan of the interior of this pub, so I modified it to have better tables, bar stools, bar glassware, and a band on stage.

And who better to have as my English Pub's house band but Mumford & Sons!  Like I said, this is my dream pub - next door with daily Mumford concerts.  And, yes, I would also like to have a patron dressed in a hot dog costume drinking at my pub.