I'm not even sure I can call this a recipe.  It's more of, hey I have leftover whipped cream from last night, what can I do with it?  Then I remembered seeing a photo of a strawberry shortcake modification using a glazed donut, and voila!  I can use my whipped cream!  Here is everything you need to make this sugary treat:

  • glazed donuts, quantity up to you (I have a Krispy Kreme nearby)
  • fresh strawberries, thinly sliced and unsweetened (trust me!)
  • whipped cream, just cheat and go buy a tub of Cool Whip

Cut delicately.
Smear gently.
Artfully arrange layers.
Smear gently.
Softly place on top.

There...that's a recipe right?  You can guess what ingredients I am referring to in those five sentences? Here is one of my tips for these glazed donut strawberry shortcakes: eat something very savory before.  Don't lick the whipped cream spoon or spatula.  Don't even eat a slice of strawberry. The glazed donut is going to make your sweet meter go off the charts.  Also, consider the alternative of slicing the donut into small chunks and making a parfait.  They are pretty darn messy!