This post is a few days after the fact, but on Monday I had the most amazing opportunity to see one of my favorite bands put on a show not in their normal arena venue but at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC!  I'm not sure why Green Day decided to do the small club tour to promote their new album, Revolution Radio (out today!), this time around, but I'm certainly enormously thankful for it and hope that they do it more often.  I mean, they don't need the money any more with all of their success in music, on Broadway, and now in the movies since "American Idiot" has been green lit for production at HBO.  Super excited for that to come out too!  The concert capped off a fantastic set of days that included watching my absolute favorite current band, Mumford & Sons, then hanging out in NYC to see Hamilton for my 4th time, enjoy the reactions of my cousin and best friend seeing Hamilton for the first time, and then seeing Freestyle Love Supreme - the improv comedy rap group that includes Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda - perform live.  I was just starting to feel today like I'm close to catching up on my sleep and reenergizing only to be facing a super busy weekend dominated by a huge to-do list, including prepping for my next global adventure.  I'm also going to finally post tips and photos this weekend from my summer Banff wanderings that I promised in my last post.  In the meantime, I took my handy concert point-and-shoot camera with me to the Green Day show and got some fun shots that I hope you enjoy.  Is it just me, or is Billie Joe really good looking?  I love it when he wears his ties.