One of the greatest things to come from 2011 is the expansion of the Groupon, LivingSocial, etc. websites.  If you are dying for something to do that is, perhaps, out of your comfort zone or circle of competence,  I highly suggest keeping an eye on these group discount sites.

Because of Groupon, I finally got behind the wheel of a racing vehicle.  Yes, it wasn't my first choice of vehicle types (NASCAR? Me?  I'm more of an open wheel racer!) or tracks (short oval...quick left, quick left, quick left, quick left), but oh my gosh was it fun!  I also had an amazing instructor in the car with me that gave me the push I needed to really get the car up to speed.  I did have to resort to deep breathing exercises on the turns and the words "the car will's made for downforce" on repeat in my brain the whole ride.  Watch the video of me as I take my 8 laps around Richmond International Speedway.   Needless to say, I don't think I'll be getting an offer to join the NASCAR circuit next year.  I don't care, it was a spectacular experience.  Only disappointment....I forgot to do my Ricky Bobby "I'm on fire, help me Tom Cruise!" routine!!  

If you're into racing, I've seen several of these driving experiences on the discount sites over the past year.  Or if racing isn't your thing, but you're still an adrenalin junkie, keep an eye out for other types of offers to try new things.

If risk-taking isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of intro experiences you can try.  Some of the groupons I am planning on cashing in soon are: wine tasting, paddleboarding on the Potomac, Segs in the City segway tour (blog post will come in September!), go-karting, and Intro to Beer class!  Past fun groupons: kiln glass bowl making, Blush 'n' Brush painting class, reenactment of the Battle of First Manassas/Bull Run, miniature golf and margaritas at H St. Country Club, Newseum, Capital Bacon & Beer Bash (never drink bacon soda!!), and yoga classes.