So here we go!  I've started a blog!  What motivated me to do this, after all blogging has been around for years now, right?  I recently stumbled across a few blogs that have inspired me in several ways.  First one was found on a Facebook post by an old high school friend:  While I've printed out some of her recipes, I'm not very disciplined when it comes to cooking for myself, especially now that I'm temporarily living in a one bedroom apartment with a teeny tiny kitchen while I'm in between houses.  What inspired me about this blog was not the food, as the title would suggest.  I actually loved the macro photography she takes OF her food!  I also love her fashion ideas.  Plus, from a recent post on the blog, I found out about, another inspiration for me (plus, yummo baking recipies...see I'm much more of a baker than a cook).  Again, loving the photography on this blog.  So there is part of the motivation for starting my own blog.

What's the other part?  I think I've grown tired with posting empty Facebook updates.  I don't know if people even get to see them because of Zuckerberg's tricky algorithms that post on news feeds only what they think you want to see.

And the real reason for this blog (warning: tooting my own horn time) -   I do a lot of fun stuff and I'm pretty darn talented!

(1) I've traveled to a lot of places!  Most of the time on my own too!  Just take a peek at the map below!  See all that white space...that is the rest of my life right there!!  

(2) I'm a creative little gal!  I've been known to design my own greeting cards, make amazing cupcakes, decorate houses, build a coffee table from scraps of wood (it was hideous but somehow still has a home at my friend's place), paint, etc.  I still play piano (although it's in storage right now).  I'm a professional singer - if you count the amount of time spent singing in the car and shower - so going up and singing karaoke is never a dare to's expected.  Along the same lines, I can also rock an amazing guitar and mic combo on RockBand for any Beatles and several Green Day songs.

Pig Roast Cupcake for Luau Themed Party
Baby Shower Cupcakes

(3) I love photography, and I've taken some pretty great photos, but I don't get my camera out enough.  This blog is going to be my inspiration.
Bull vs. Torero (Pamplona)
Xhupinazo - San Fermin Opening Ceremonies (Pamplona) 
Two of the Three Sisters (Black Butte Ranch)
Penguins at the Featherdale Wildlife Park (NSW Australia)
(4) I live my days one experience at a time.  I get out there as much as I can to try new things because the only way to really learn is to do it yourself!  In fact, these past few years, I've centered my new years resolutions on doing and learning more - past completed resolutions include improv comedy courses, dive around the world (3 continents down), learn Spanish (also in progress, but I did survive 2 weeks in Spain and came home with an authentic Spanish lisp!), try new restaurants, learn to cook the right way, learn to rock climb, hike a glacier in Iceland, run half-marathons at fun destinations, visit at least 2 new countries per year, take mini-vacays to critically fun US cities (NYC, New Orleans, LA, etc.), watch my favorite sport LIVE at the French Open and Wimbledon, drive a NASCAR, and many more!
Grand Cayman Bike Ride
New Profession - Race Car Driver
French Open 2010
So, I present to you this chronicle of how I choose to live my life, not because I want to brag about my awesomeness, but because I want to inspire people to do things, even if it's only for a day, an hour.  Or perhaps writing about my travel adventures will make you less intimidated about a particular destination, or about traveling in general, because seeing the world is ESSENTIAL, in my humble opinion!  Lastly, I'm hoping that by maintaining this blog, I will, as a result, be inspired by myself to never stop learning, living, and exploring!!