This weekend was a mini adventure with my good friend to Annapolis, Maryland to catch a late summer glimpse of the sailboats and take a photography walking tour that was a refresher course for me on DSLR basics, composition, and photographic storytelling.  It was also a great opportunity to take my new toy out for a spin - the new Nikkor 40mm f2.8 macro lens!

The tour we joined was another Groupon deal through Phototour DC.  If you're looking for a group photography excursion in the DC area, this is a good way to go, or I've also participated in two tours given by Washington Photo Safari.  Penn Camera also organizes tours and classes.  Before you take any of those tours, though, I HIGHLY recommend you take a course from Okello Dunkley through DSLR Workshops. He has now expanded to all over the east coast and sometimes schedules dates in other parts of the country and international locations.  Check his calendar for details.  I have taken his Take Your Camera Off Program Mode Part 1 and Part 2, and I have sat in on private tutorials he gave my mom when she visited a few years ago.  Fantastic teacher!  Great person!

On the tour of Annapolis, we had four stops:

1. Annapolis Market Square and wharf

2. A Historical Street

3. Maryland State House Hill

4. Annapolis Yacht Club

But the prize winning photo of the day, entitled "You've Got Something on Your Face!," was.....

He was such a trooper!!!