My friend and I cashed in on another Groupon to take a discounted tour of Washington D.C. on a segway.  We had seen and laughed at these ridiculous tours for the past few years, so why not make ourselves the butt of the joke, and maybe learn something new along the way.  These tours tend to be spendy at over $70 per person, so the Groupon gave us a great excuse to make our segway dreams come true. 

My goal for the tour was to have fun and hopefully learn one new thing about the city.  We had a brief safety instructional video and ten minutes to practice zooming around the park across the street -- impressing every single one of the many homeless people, let me tell you, with my mad segway skills.  Since segways are essentially Wii Fit boards on wheels, I was a professional the moment I hopped on!

First stop was Lafayette Park and the White House.  That photo on Pennsylvania Avenue does not adequately demonstrate just how dorky we all looked as a group!  It was on this stop that I fulfilled my goal to learn about one new thing:  The Blair House and Winston Churchill's occupancy there during his frequent visits to FDR.

Next, we headed to the National Mall to check all the boxes on the best monument photo stop list, finishing this tour segment at the U.S. Capitol.

We returned to the start of the tour via Pennsylvania Avenue.  Overall, I was very glad that we had not paid full price for the tour because the content and commentary was severely lacking.  There were so many missed opportunities for the guides to take the group to interesting sites, not even off the beaten track sites but major must-see places -- Fords Theater, FDR Memorial, etc.  Along the stretches going from Point A to Point B, there was very little commentary on what we were seeing.  So while I accomplished my goal -- learn something new while being a dork on a segway -- I was really disappointed with this outing.  Maybe it was the tour company - Capital Segway.  There are two other segway tour providers in the DC area that I am aware of - Segs in the City and City Segway Tours - so you may want to consider those as alternative options. Hopefully some of the walking tours I'm planning on taking in the near future will fill my need for more interesting trivia on DC.