1. Pinterest.com - Create virtual bulletin boards of your favorite links and photos, or explore "pins" on other boards to laugh, get inspired, find new travel destinations, or discover the next must have thing!

2. Girly "Donna Reed" Aprons - What is better than spending a fall weekend with friends baking in supercute, frilly ruffled aprons?  I've got THREE!  One has cupcakes on it, of course.  I've purchased them from Anthropologie, flirtyaprons.com, or modcloth.com.

3. The newly opened 9/11 Memorial in NYC - I had the opportunity to visit the memorial on the site of the World Trade Center north and south towers this month.  Photos will be posted as part of my upcoming blog on visiting all three memorials this year.  The water features are very tastefully designed, and perfectly reflect the amazing progress of the new WTC1, as it climbs to 104 stories.  Visitor passes are required for security purposes, but they are free.  Go to http://www.911memorial.org/.

4. The Book of Mormon -  The musical!!!  There is a reason why this show is basically sold out until 2012.  It is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and the music is equal parts ridiculous/infectious/totally inappropriate to sing in public.  I downloaded the cast recording as I left the theater.  Ironic that I happened to run into two Mormon missionaries a few days later - they didn't seem amused by my description of the show...

5. Isabelle Dupuy - I first saw her work at a gallery on Royal Street in New Orleans last April.  I have not been able to get it out of my head since then - her fantastic colors, textures, and painting techniques.  I'm looking forward to going to New Orleans again, in November, to meet her and watch a live painting demo at the same gallery.