I finally made it out to the Renaissance Festival, near Annapolis, that I hear about every year.  It was definitely an entertaining experience, and visually interesting.  I had no idea what to expect, but I was not disappointed.  Many of the attendees embraced the spirit of the event and dug out elaborate and appropriate (or, more often than not, inappropriate) period costumes from their closets.  I think I saw over a dozen Jack Sparrows, and the wench seemed to be the go-to costume of the Ren Fest novices.

Costumes everywhere!
Wenches flirting with druids??
Wenches hoping for a better catch
Then there was the food!  Imagine a carnival menu.  Now imagine a carnival menu supersized!! Every food imaginable that could be fried - ice cream balls, apples, pickles, mac&cheese, etc. - or clog your heart.  And so many variations of meats on sticks, in addition to the required turkey leg.
I didn't know calzones were medieval fare!

Medieval Soft Pretzels
And the last element: the entertainment.  I saw the illusionist comedian, the improv storytellers, mimes on stilts, merry bands of musicians, and the extra creepy adult as a baby in a chair.
This "baby" was on stilts and he "pooped" Hershey kisses and "peed" yellow silly string

Teen dancers
Sword dance or LARPing warm up?

The Renaissance Festival runs on weekends from September through October.  All details can be found on the official website.  Next year, I think I'm going to have to find a costume and go again!