1. Holiday Chocolate Almond Brittle - my mom just arrived today and brought be a box of her holiday brittle.  Yes, I ate half the box tonight!  And, yes, I feel sick.  But dang was it good!!!

2. American Horror Story on FX Wednesdays - it's been awhile since a TV show has really captured my interest and appeals to all viewers (well, except scardy cats!).  This show is equal parts twisted and amazing.  It reminds me of the quality of first season of LOST, with the "what the" of Twin Peaks.

3. Tom Ford Nikita Sunglasses (as made popular recently by Kourtney Kardashian) - available at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barneys...or just go on Amazon and save money with last year's model!

4. Pentatonix - winners of this season's The Sing Off.  They put the "ah" (capella) in ah-may-zing!

5. Once Upon a Time on ABC - I know, another TV show recommendation, but can you blame me as we start our winter hibernation?  This is one that's has really grown on me.  It combines childhood fairytale dreaming and weaves in imaginative real world, current storylines.  And that Prince Charming is just so handsome!  Swoon!