I'm getting real impatient because I'm currently building a house and my creative brain is spilling over with design ideas.  Being addicted to Pinterest.com isn't helping as I sit here in my little one bedroom apartment with its bland, white walls.  I've created a bulletin board on that site for all the different looks that inspire me and chic approaches to room decor.  One of my favorite pins is this reconditioned console table painted in a great shade of yellow.
Isn't that an amazing entry table???!!!  I had to have one in my future house.  So, I started searching on the internet, and visited a consignment store and an unfinished wood store as well.  I was shocked at how much the unfinished wood pieces cost.  It seemed like they were more than the finished pieces in stores, and the looks were not even that unique - just really basic shapes.  Then at the consignment store, I found a piece that came close, but I was concerned it already had too many paint layers, and that adding one more (plus primer) would ruin it.  And I am in no mood to strip paint in my little apartment!  So, before I started on another quest around town, I got back online to hit up Overstock, Walmart, and Target.  Leave it to my favorite store, "Tarjay," to have something that was in the same design spirit AND on clearance - coming in at $45 cheaper than the overpainted, used consigned desk!!
I liked that the legs had some of the rounded details, and the braided edge below the drawers was fantastic.  So, now it was time to match the color.  Of course a photo never accurately represents the true color, but I knew I was looking for something that was yellow with a hint of green.  Since I had to go to Sherwin Williams anyway to grab some paint chips for the house, I started my search there.  Why SHW?  Because they had the color I put in my old house that I loved and am putting in the new house, so it was just convenient.  Good thing I went, because I found my color, but I didn't have time to get the paint that day.  Instead, I was at a Lowes a few days later and started searching their paint chips for a color match.  I couldn't believe with all their brands, they had nothing that came close.  Not wanting to give up, though, I asked the paint department representative if he could match from a chip, and he gave me great news that Lowes had the Sherwin Williams paint "recipes" in their computers!  Bonus!

So now the messy part:  priming and panting a piece of furniture in my apartment.  It reminded me of my last apartment where I got super bored so I designed and built a replica of a coffee table I saw at West Elm.  I got friendly with the lumber guys at Home Depot to do that because I needed them to basically cut every piece of wood to specific measurements, since I didn't have a saw.  OK, getting off topic.... 

Let the priming begin!!!
And at the end of the weekend, here is my attempt at replicating the darling Pinterest table...I'm calling it my tennis ball table, since the eco-friendly flourescent lighting in the hallway of my apartment makes it look day-glo, highlighter yellow (thank goodness it's more of a mustard color in natural light and I won't be using halogen in the new place).