OK, still anxiously awaiting my new house!  To occupy myself, I've been wandering home shops and browsing the internet in my free time to get cute decor ideas.  Of course, I've mentioned it before and will mention it again, Pinterest.com has truly been a fabulous resource.  So great that I'm convinced it is one of the major contributors to my new 2-3am bedtime and constant lack of sleep.  But so far, it's worth every REM minute lost!

The problem with all this online browsing and local shop exploring, and the associated spending of money, is that I can't remember what I put in storage almost a year ago.  I fear that when I finally move in, I'm going to have a big surprise due to the absolute volume of stuff I've accumulated, combining the old and the new.  I see a garage sale in my future! 

Here are some of the highlights my recent home accessorizing searches and finds:

An addition to Pinterest, another website I keep returning to for ideas is one of my favorite stores: Anthropologie!  How adorable are these vases?  And what about these berry baskets?  They look so real!  Supercute!

Z Gallerie is another fun resource for home decor.  From umbrella stands, wall art and decor, amazing large scale mirrors that are approachably priced

On Small Business Saturday, this November, I discovered one of my new favorite stores in Old Town Alexandria:  Random Harvest.  I had some restraint that day, which shocked me,  and only walked away with two small pear accents and an unusual vase.  Random Harvest has just four shops in the Washington D.C. area

For the kitchen, I have my eye on this retro looking espresso maker by Espressione that would look amazing on my countertop, but am stuck on the idea of it in turquoise, and I can't find that color! Sad!  Also, it's a little on the spendy side for me, especially considering I'm an occasional, not regular, latte drinker.
That's it for now!  Can't wait to see everything in the new space!  I'll try to take photos when I get things all unpacked and put in exactly the right spot, then write a follow-on post....a Post-post!  Haha!