As part of my new years resolutions, I am attempting to get back into a regular running routine after awhile spent being very, very lazy.  So, here's a special edition of my favorite things - with a running theme!

1. Body Glide!  If you've ever run anything over 10 miles, you KNOW why this is the first thing I thought to post.  It doesn't matter your shape or size, you can't escape the inevitability of runners chafing.  This looks like a stick of deodorant, but it's more like a solid petroleum jelly that prevents fabric from rubbing your skin raw over the duration of the run/race.

 2. Belkin iPhone Armband - This is the best armband I've found because of its dual functionality.  I enjoy using the case by itself, without the band, because the clip on the back made it easier to hold the phone and to be a superdork and wear it on my waist.  The band is comfortable during runs.

3. Nike+ App - Not only does it capture your run on a Google map, it also shows your speed trends throughout the run.  You know you already are going to want to have some tunes during your run, and Nike+ syncs with your iTunes playlists to be an all-in-one running tool.

4. During a long run or race, nothing is better than popping some Powerbar Energy Gel Blasts.  My favorite flavor is raspberry.  I don't know how people take the goo and gels.  They always remind me of the stuff orthodontists use to make impressions of your teeth.  Gag!  The Energy Gel Blasts are like candy - yummy raspberry liquid center with a marshmallow-like bottom layer.

5. I don't run races for the time or sense of achievement, I run them for the finish line BLING!  No seriously, I always look at the medal design before committing to signing up for a race.  What's funny, though, is that I end up putting the medals in a box, instead of proudly displaying them.  One late night Amazon shopping trip turned up a great solution:  a decorative race medal hanger!

A couple of extras:

  • My favorite shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus - These are the most consistent shoes year over year that are comfortable and lightweight for my feet.  If you're serious about running, it pays to go to a specialty store and get fitted.  In the Washington D.C. metro region, two of the popular running stores are Pacers and Fleet Feet.
  • For some extra support for my arches, I've got Superfeet (blue) in all my running shoes, my dog walking shoes, and my Uggs.

  • The Stick - what a nice massage on the quads, hammies, and IT bands!

  • Super soft technical t-shirts from Raw Threads with clever sayings printed on the front!

And last, but not least, my new motto: