While I feel like I'm not too shabby at crafting, it's nothing compared to my mom.  She has to be one of the most talented people I know, creating very classy items that are appealing to everyone - tacky free!  Over the years, she has pursued many media for her skills, including colored pencil drawing, digital photography, ink drawings, etched drawings, home decor, and handmade greeting cards. In the past five or so years she's been most passionate about designing extremely fancy and fun cookies.  Since she is the last person to accept a compliment and recognize her talents, I thought I'd showcase some of her designs on my blog.  By the way, there's a cookie store in NYC, Eleni's, that sells cookies exactly like what my mom bakes that sell for upwards of $6 for ONE cookie!  Here's one box of four cookies I found for $28.50! Ridiculous!

Some of my mom's favorite cookie collections:

Pirates for my nephew's birthday party
Dog Park
American Girl Doll
Peanut Butter & Jelly - Love this!
Thanksgiving Pies - Love this too!
These came to me sliced and in mini pizza boxes
Fruit salad
Tennis racquets and balls for me
Pink cheeked Santas
Winter Wonderland

 Amazing, right?