This month is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, as opposed to my recent themed favorite lists. I've been so busy with multiple projects - planning upcoming trips, home redesigning, various art projects, baking, building my house out of legos (you heard me!), etc. - that I've been struggling to fill out this list for the month because my brain is so scattered.  Each of the five items are related to something that I've been up to, so if you've kept up or know me well, you shouldn't be surprised at what I selected.

1. Epiphanie Camera Bag (Ginger in Slate Blue) - I was looking for something inconspicuous to tote my DSLR around when I go to places like New York City.  This is definitely NOT going to be the bag I will be taking when I go abroad to India and Nepal in April.
2. Incase DSLR ProPack - So if I'm not going to take my new camera purse to India and Nepal, I needed to find a lightweight and secure backpack for my gear - for two major reasons.  First, security in crowds is very important when traveling with expensive equipment, and this bag is fantastic because the only way to gain access to the lenses is through the zippered flap that rests against your back (or front, if you're like me and wearing it like a dork in public markets).  There is also an easy zipper at the top of the bag that is directly placed over the section that holds your prepped camera, allowing you to get ready quickly to capture the big shot, if one arises. And don't forget the room for an iPad and a 15" laptop (no, I will not be taking a computer with me).  Regardless of these safety features, it still does not afford you the opportunity to be lax in knowing what and who is around you in a crowd...there are still straps that can be slashed!  Second, the bag I needed to find can't be heavy because it's going to be used to trek up into the mountains for several days, and the last thing I need is a burdensome bag!  Granted, the sherpa will have my second bag, but still, I will have enough to worry about during the climb (e.g. altitude sickness, general exertion at high altitude, and scary bridge river crossings).  Since I'm not planning on filling this bag entirely with equipment, I think can put a water bottle in the back as well.

3. Brownie Brittle (I get mine at Costco!) - If you like brownies and have not tasted this yet, you need to go out and buy yourself a bag!!

4. What I'm listening to on repeat right now - surprise, it's Mumford & Sons!  What do you expect from a girl who went to see them at back-to-back shows?  By the way, how great is this tour poster? I got one for my house because it works perfectly with my other vintage adverts.
 5. Learning how to play guitar on YouTube - Taking guitar lessons has been on my resolution list for several years now, but I never get around to actually finding a teacher.  After such a fun concert experience last week, I thought I'd take the old guitar out of its case and see if it still works.  I found these videos to help me assess just how rusty I have become since college and to get some immediate gratification from being able to (sort of) play a new song or two, thanks to their simple tutorials, while I wait to find someone who can actually teach me lasting skills.