I took another painting class at Blush N Brush in Georgetown tonight.  While I had already taken this class before, it's not really a class but more of an independent study.  It's the very popular Paint Your Pet class that is offered every couple of months.  I was a guinea pig for the first offering of this kind of class, and was very impressed with the paintings everyone did!  So much talent.  Tonight was just the same.  While we are given a pencil sketch on the canvas based on a photo we sent a few weeks prior to the class, we are pretty much on your own the whole three hours - with the two instructors wandering around to answer questions and give advice.  While I think I got some things right in my painting, I feel like I made Web's face super fat!  And I think the painting I did of him in the first class is better than this one - maybe it's the Van Gogh fall leaf hillscape or maybe that I couldn't shade his eyes just right to be looking up and to the right, I don't know.  Oh well, you be the judge!
Inspiration Photo - Fall on Skyline Drive

For reference, here's what I painted at the first Paint Your Pet class - now hanging up at my parents' house...