And now, another peek into how I've been keeping myself occupied these past few months creatively. When I found the coffee shop instructions that inspired my Starbricks and Used Book Store building, I also saw a cute Asian Restaurant/Surf Shop commercial building instruction set.  Of course, I didn't want to be boring and build it exactly to plan, so I modified the interior of the shop somewhat to add some paddleboards and snow sports equipment plus a big beach mural I found on Bricklink, and I removed the skateboards top floor office completely.  For the most part, I kept the Japanese Restaurant the same, maybe taking out and adding in few details in the office.

Here's the original build on Brick City Depot:

And here is my modified version....once again, apologies for the iPhone photo quality issues.

The walls have a rack of skis, snowboards, poles, and goggles on one side, paddles and surfboards on the other.  Then up high are the longer paddleboards.

As I explained earlier, I kept the Asian Restaurant pretty much the same, including the stereotypical in-restaurant fish tank.

I loved the water cooler and shelving upstairs.  In the original, this desk style was in the surf shop office. Also to clean up the space, I put all of the shelves against the wall.  And, of course, the scene would not be complete without a cup of Starbricks coffee!

I'm still working on one more building and one massive project.  I just need to make the time to figure out what parts I am missing, then order them.  Hoping to have the final building done soon because all it needs is a roof!