I know! I know!  I've been posting less frequently these past few months.  Some of the reason is that I've been traveling.  Some of the reason is that I'm busy working on my new photography website that I hope to finish in February. And the last part of the reason is because I've been focusing a large quantity of my creative energy on playing with Legos.  Yep!  I am an adult Lego addict, that or I'm on the road to becoming one.  Hey, I had a big break between trips this fall, and I was bored....then one design turned into a second, then a third, and then...well we will get to all that eventually because there's still one thing I need to fix on the last, massive Lego design.  For now, I'll start with my first building.

Since the summer when I went to Brickfair in Washington D.C., I've been wanting to build a Lego coffee shop for some reason.  I think I was inspired by the cupcakes and latté cups sold at the Eclipse Bricks booth.  I saw some instructions on Brick City Depot for a coffee house that looks like it was set in a remodeled factory of some sort, and I thought it was perfect.  Only thing is that I didn't like the interior of the coffee house, so I modified it a little bit, then I totally redesigned the top floor to transform it from an internet startup office to a used book store!

Here are the original photos of the interior and exterior:

I also decided to modify the color scheme to coordinate with the deep green of the Starbucks logo. Of course, it isn't a Starbucks shop...it's a Starbricks shop!  Now that you've seen the inspiration, here is my redesign... (Apologies for the bad photos.  I had to use my phone because it was the only thing small enough to fit inside the building.)

And if you take the entrance door on the right hand side of the building, with the stairs leading to the second floor, you can shop at the Next Chapter Used Book Store.  Maybe even take your coffee upstairs and read a book on the couch.  That's a water cooler on the right side.

Of course Harry Potter is the only logical minifigure to man the cash register at the used bookstore! All bricks were purchased from various vendors on Bricklink.  So what do you think?

Next post....building #2!