Since October, my dining table has been taken over with my big winter lego project - Brickenridge Ski Resort!  As of last night, I finally finished it -- after taking apart and redoing the design for the ski lift I don't know how many times.  I tested out the lift and it works, but when I put the chairs on it, it was too heavy to move more than an inch with the motor I was using.  Good news is that I'm taking it apart and am going to make this an annual project to improve upon the previous year's design, so maybe next year I will get the lift working with chairs.  I'm thinking that the motor needs to be located on the top wheel and not the bottom.  Anyway, let me give you a tour!

Any day on the slopes starts at the lodge.  My lodge is two levels, with the ski rental shop and lockers on the first floor, and a cafeteria that serves only cookies, cupcakes, hot chocolate, beer and soda on top.  Of course, there's a nice deck by the cafeteria to enjoy a bluebird day with a good view of the resort. And all tables are communal picnic bench tables, just like in a real ski lodge.  Out front, there's a nice fire with which Game of Thrones' Jon Snow and his direwolf, Ghost, are making s'mores with a friend, while an unlucky fellow limps on crutches after an accident on the hill.  Behind the fire pit are the typical ski and snowboard racks.

Now, to actually get on the hill, you will need to take the lift to the top.  At both ends you are greeted by some very cheerful lift operators! Pardon the crudely made "tips up" sign at the top, I made it quickly just before taking photos.

Brickenridge Ski Resort features a variety of trails for every level of difficulty.  There are groomed runs and tricky powder trails amongst the trees. 

And, for the park lovers, there is a terrain park with rails and a jump, as well as a half pipe.  Today at "Brick", the Dew Tour competition is in town (look at the bibs and the camera follow guy!).  You may also notice I've added in some costumed characters on the slopes because there's always at least one!  

Finally at the mountain summit, you will find your expected Hot Chocolate Hut that also serves as the Ski Patrol office, then if you peek over the top and down the other side, you will see a frozen waterfall and two brave guys doing some ice climbing.

This project has been super fun because it was a challenge to build and know what types of bricks I needed.  I first had to figure out how to get the heights I wanted without filling it completely with bricks (=$$$!).  I went with some 1x8 arches, and it worked out really well.  I also had a challenge of obtaining all of the white bricks I used.  I definitely over purchased on slope bricks! Also, next year they are all getting a long bath in some hydrogen peroxide because some of the used ones were quite yellowed!  While I think I could do better with the detail on the mountain side and better on the trails on the front skiable side, overall I think it turned out cool!  I hope you agree!