I can't believe the whole month of February flew by so fast, and I didn't get around to writing a single post!  Well, it appears I have a lot to make up for in March.  First off, I'm still running hot on my Lego building projects.  The latest one I completed is a design that is completely my own.  Since I love craft beer, I thought it would be fun to create a Lego microbrew - The Old Town Brewery.

I designed the building to look like a remodeled garage, since a lot of craft breweries seem to be housed in something similar.  I went to a beer place in Denver that had the garage door and picnic table look, which was perfect for summer and winter.  Inside the Old Town Brewery, I have two large tanks and two smaller tanks.  I'm going to be honest, I am not exactly sure what tank would be used for what and what should be hooked up to what, so it's a loose interpretation - artistic license.

While there are some details near the tanks, like tools, crates of empty bottles, and a dolly for transporting kegs, my favorite spot is behind the tasting bar!

The signs above the taps show what's freshly brewed.  There are even awards for beer contests displayed on a shelf.  Each of the taps are round and 1x1 square tiles that have a label I printed to give it an authentic look.  And, speaking of authenticity, my craft brewery would not be complete without a rack of soft pretzels for snacks! Nom! Nom!

And now I'm thirsty!