This time last year I cleared off my dining room table and started to build what became my first attempt at a Lego ski resort: Brickenridge (Get it? Like Breckenridge, Colorado!).  Come January, I tore it all down, except the ski lodge, and put it in a large plastic box in storage.  Well, it's ski season again, so I decided to try to redesign the slopes a little bit and get my crazy cast of characters out into the powder once again.  In this version 2.0, I tried to make some enhancements to the display as well by creating a nice border, a icy river that divides the ski resort from the holiday village, some rock bridges, a tubing hill, and better "rocky" details on the exterior of the mountain.  

Sadly, I had to abandon the motorized ski lift this year.  It didn't work that well last year, so after the first couple of attempts, I just made it a static display.  I considered putting in a hand crank, but I think I need to make the design a little more sturdy in general.

Of course, I had to bring the park features back from last year's design.  Again, I have one booter and jump for some slopestyle action, one flat rail, and two narrow rail features.  The skier is balanced so perfectly on the rail right now, but I've learned that any slight knock of the table and he's falling off.

No mountain scene would be complete without the guy who wasn't quite so lucky on the slopes.  I've been that guy before, though not quite as banged up.  I also kept the silly Game of Thrones Jon Snow in the scene making some s'mores by the camp fire.

The waterfall being conquered by a pair of ice climbers was enhanced this year to include space for the frozen river at the bottom and some better details on the side.  And as I mentioned already, this year there's a small tubing feature right by the lodge.

Across from Brickenridge, I've taken some official Lego holiday sets and expanded them into a holiday village.  My favorite part is the photo with Santa area where the kids are waiting in line (a BB-8 from Star Wars is at the front of the line) and the chair is next to a huge Christmas tree with tons of presents beneath it.

The tree farm and the outdoor holiday food stalls are new this year.  And the ice skating pond was expanded, the hockey sticks upgraded, and the cute penguin added.  So what do you think?

Here's a video of the whole set up with my not so smooth camera handling skills and some Christmas music on in the background, with N'Sync taking us home singing an unmemorable holiday tune. Previous takes of the video had Justin Bieber and Britney Spears songs - a pretty epic streaming music channel, I must say!