I think the idea of taking an ordinary environment and "Lego-izing" it is not only a great stretch for my imagination, but it's an unique way to celebrate the people who are receiving the resulting Lego dioramas.  This holiday season, I wanted to embrace their awesomeness and send my cousin and cousin-in-law scenes that highlighted their passions.  They both like Game of Thrones, but I knew that diorama theme had to go to my cousin-in-law.  I had a lot of fun reimagining a typical office by replacing the desk chair with the Iron Throne from the series.

The Iron Throne incorporates three varieties of Lego swords, with 18 in total used.  I wish I could use more, but there just wasn't any room! On the back of the chair, I used 10 swords, then three on each side and two in the front.  The minifigure sits with a slight forward tilt on the chair because there is so much going on behind him.  From a practical standpoint, that Iron Throne looks like the world's most uncomfortable office chair!

The rest of the office includes a stereotypical office art piece of a bridge, a clock, and a bookshelf.  The desk is meant to represent the mess of a busy accountant during tax season with piles of tax returns, cell phone, two sources of caffeine, returns to be mailed for signature, and money just hanging around.  Hey buddy, be careful of what's in that mug!  (just kidding)

The second diorama embraces two of my cousin's biggest passions: architecture and her horse.  The building, itself, was the idea behind the dioramas as gifts in the first place.  I had received the bricks and instructions in the November 2016 monthly Brickloot box (I'm trying it out for 3 months right now).  The building is an original design by Lego microbuilding architect, Tom Alphin.  My cousin loves modern architecture, and I had the horse sweatshirt torso in my stash, so I went with the dual concept.  When I took the photos, I forgot that I had taped the building a little to secure it for shipping.  So ignore the tape you see! I've already shipped them, so I can't retake a tapeless photo, unfortunately.

I needed to add one more element to the architecture side, so I quickly designed some blueprints on scotch tape and crudely made a tile sticker.  Sorry to all the Lego purists!!

Do you have someone who would love to receive a personalized diorama as well?  Once you have your design in mind, the first and probably only stop you have to make is Bricklink for all the parts. That's where I go for all my individual pieces.  Have fun!  If you have any questions about the parts I used to make these, let me know in the comments section.