It was a long day, waking up at 4am to drive to Camden, New Jersey just outside of Philadelphia to meet up with my "mumfriends" as we once again tried our luck at getting on the concert rail at the Mumford & Sons show on May 25th.  The concert itself was paused for 45 minutes as a dangerous thunderstorm threatened all of the fans in the lawn section with lighting, hail, wind, and heavy rain. Gentlemen that they are, the band gladly absorbed the performance fine for playing past the 11pm curfew to make sure we all got a complete show.  And what a show it was!  We even got an attempt at Bruce Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia" during the B-stage portion.  The concert ended at 11:45pm, and with the help of the Hamilton soundtrack played quite loudly, I got home finally at 2:45am - completely exhausted.  Today my friends and I are nursing some seriously sore muscles from standing so long in the pit, despite wearing what I considered "sensible shoes." Oh, but it was all worth it!  One of the best sets I've heard from them in a while.  They even played "Babel"!  And Marcus and Ben, from what I could see, were completely energized by the very responsive crowd. Who needs a gym when you can be a lead singer in a band?!

Since I'm compelled to see everything I do from a photographic opportunity, I took advantage of this very photogenic (and handsome) group of lads to play around with my point and shoot camera, as cameras with detachable lenses are never allowed at concerts without a press pass.  I hope you enjoy the photos! There are a disproportionate amount of Marcus because of his proximity to me.  And, to be honest, he's got the most interesting stage presence in the group.  There are also a few photos of Marcus and Ben playing with the opening act, Kevin Garrett.