"The world turned upside down!"

Today is opening of the Hamilton Los Angeles run, and while I didn't get tickets through the Prizeo sweepstakes to hang out with Lin Manuel Miranda, I finally put the finishing touches on my Lego mock up of the Hamilton stage set.  The timing is also great because I'm going this week to see the show for my 6th time!

For the Lego set, it was challenging to find all of the outfits and still stay within official lego parts. There is a Revolutionary Soldier minifigure that was perfect for the ensemble uniforms in Act 1, so right off the bat I knew which song I was going to portray - "Yorktown."  I was able to get different Lego "officer" torsos for Lafayette and Washington, but I was still unhappy putting Hamilton, Mulligan, Laurens, and Burr in the red lapel Revolutionary Soldier torso.  I ended up working with a company in England to modify one of their printed after market torsos to allow for the correct cream lapel on their costumes, and those are the ones you see in the photos.  Here are some close up of the sons of liberty:

Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda)

George Washington (Christopher Jackson)

Hercules Mulligan (Oak!)

John Laurens (Anthony Ramos)

Lafayette (Daveed Diggs)

Of course, I couldn't leave King George III and the Schuyler sisters out of the scene, even though technically they are not in it - Work!

Though I couldn't feasibly add all the set details, I tried to hit the major ones, like the dueling pistols.

I'm actually really excited about the writing desk, complete with a quill and ink, letters, and the sandbags that are under the table in the set. "Why do you write like you're running out of time!"

I couldn't add the turntable feature because it is way outside my Lego engineering skills, but I embraced the perpendicular wood plank look of the stage floor.

After a week of fighting, a young man in a red coat stands on a parapet

We lower our guns as he frantically waves a white handkerchief

Thank you for all your service

If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it

[Angelica (all men) {all women}:]
A toast to the groom!
(To the groom!)
(To the groom!)
{(To the groom!)}

To the bride!
{To the bride!}
(To the bride!)
{To the bride!}

From your sister

And for your reference, here's the Tony Awards performance of "Yorktown" by the cast of Hamilton.  Enjoy!