OK, I made up that name for these dessert treats because the more common name is slutty brownies. But, since I was making them with the help of a 4 year-old, I thought it would be smarter to make the G-rated adjustment.  Basically, imagine a layer of chocolate chip cookies, then Oreo cookies, then brownies and that is the makeup of a slutty brownie.  You could easily do this the super simple way by purchasing pre-made cookie dough, a package of Oreos, and some boxed Brownie mix.  I opted for the slightly more work of making the cookie dough (from my favorite recipe and, in my mind, incontestable best chocolate chip cookie recipe: Toll House Cookies on the back of the bag of chocolate chips!).  The Oreos were still from a package.  And while the inspiration recipe from What's Gaby Cooking had you making the brownie batter from scratch, I was lazy and just used the box mix.

So my version, again, was:

  • Homemade Toll House cookie dough
  • Package of Oreos (not doublestuff, but something for you to potentially consider)
  • Boxed brownie mix of choice (which tends to be Betty Crocker for me)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Prepare a 9x13 pan by lining it with foil and lightly spraying it with cooking spray (original recipe had it in a 9x9, but I felt like I had more than enough dough to make a bigger pan, though you may want to consider two boxes of brownie mix).
3. Layer starting with the cookie dough, then fitting as many Oreos as you can without overlapping for the second layer, and pouring the brownie batter on top.
4. Bake for 30-35 minutes, testing with a knife or toothpick (see if it comes out clean) to make sure the cookie and brownie layers are done.
5. Cool in the pan for a bit, then lift out and cool completely.
6. Cut and serve!

It's so simple, I'm not even going to walk through ingredients or more detailed instructions.  When shopping for supplies, just pick up the bag of chocolate chips and the box of brownie mix - voila, instant shopping lists!

To me, there is no excuse why you can't make this dessert.  People will love it and you get the pleasure of watching their eyes get bigger and bigger when you walk them through each of the layers!